Regardless of how few or how plethora servers you have we are the Colocation Services in La Puente Company that has a solution that will fit your business. Method Technologies offers a very mixed set of elements that allows us to ensure your company gets what it needs. From flexible pricing for both rack-mounted and tower servers to cost effective bandwidth, Method Technologies as a foremost Colocation Services in La Puente Company works with you to solve all of your needs.

Colocation Services La Puente

When looking for a quality Colocation Services in La Puente Company, please give us a call and we will provide you with a resolution custom adapted for your needs. We offer Colocation for any size business from single server to full cabinet/cage resolutions. As a foremost Colocation Services in La Puente Company, our multi-homed network allows you to have connections to the internet anywhere from 10 Mbps up to 10 GigE with flexible billing by transfer or 95th percentile. A and B power with a completely redundant Distribution/UPS/Generator infrastructure can be added to any resolution for a low cost to ensure your business stays up at all times. Cross-connects to other companies in our Carrier Neutral Datacenter are also available at low rates. 24/7 remote hands are available by request, and for full cabinet/cage customers 24/7 facility access can also be arranged. Remotely controlled PDUs and KVMs allow you to power cycle and view the screen of your servers from any location. Method Technologies is your first call for La Puente Colocation Services resolutions.

  • Rack or Tower Colocation
  • Private and Secure Racks and Cages
  • 24/7 Remote Hands
  • Remote Reboot and KVM