• "We recently went through a migration at our corporate office and 50 remote locations from in-house servers and everything being handled in our corporate office to a cloud-based system, including upgrading our phone systems. This involved several different and major components with a lot of moving parts, alignment of companies from Method’s staff, our corporate staff, to the staff of our property management software. As you can imagine, we were concerned about our corporate office experiencing downtime if something didn’t go according to plan, but were extremely anxious about our remote locations. Knowing that this was a business-changing event for us, Aaron, Mike, Phil and the rest of the Method team were with us every step of the way, from giving us information and their expertise on the major decisions down to how we should set up extensions for our new phone system. I could go on and on about how seamless the transition was and how when we did hit bumps (which you inevitably will), Method rapidly responded and got any challenges handled. We are now up and running almost totally on the cloud and our new phone system is more than we expected. Method’s ability to work in partnership with Pan American (and companies they work with) is one of their greatest strengths – it is not like working with another vendor, but like working with an extension of our company."

    "The design team at Method Technologies re-designed our website with a modern platform — and we're all impressed with the outcome. Very friendly, sharp and responsive — they are a top-notch company to work with."

    "I help to run a sign company with 30+ computer users and over 50 total employees. For us, network stability is crucial. Even our operations in fabrication which are largely not computer-based are negatively impacted by the halted workflow caused by network downtime. This is expensive not only from a payroll perspective, but also from one of opportunity cost.

    We were first introduced to Method Technologies under what I would refer to as “less than ideal” circumstances a little less than 5 years ago. Our server had suffered a massive failure and our prior IT services provider had no solution for us. After being referred to Method Tech, it was a matter of hours before they had our entire operation back up and functioning. Ever since that day, we’ve relied on Method Technologies for all of our support and network downtime has become a distant memory.

    Beyond support, Method has helped to drive our business forward by guiding and implementing several technology upgrades over the years including our initial server replacement (thanks to the catastrophe that brought them to us); installing a VoIP phone system; setting up a reliable WiFi network throughout our facility; increasing our internet bandwidth; and adding an expandable secondary file server to our network along with a new backup solution which has the capability of growing along with our file storage needs.

    This last project was the most recent we’ve undertaken with Method Technologies. We were provided several quotations with various options which were then each explained to us (in plain English) so that we could make the right choice for our business needs. After we made the decision, we were given a schedule for implementation. Once that schedule started, we were on track from day one and the project was completed as planned.

    From an operational perspective, I’m pleased to have Method Technologies as a vendor. Personally, I’m thrilled to have them on my side as an ally."

    "Method Technologies was hired in October 2005 to provide the Fair Housing Foundation with reliable network management and support. I was extremely impressed from the first day with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to assist us that was provided from all the employees of this company.

    Being a non-profit organization, it is imperative that every penny we spend has a positive impact. Over the years, Method has increased it's services to FHF, drastically improving our ability to conduct our services, advertise our services, make our services available via the internet and documenting and reporting our services to the toughest of governmental agencies. FHF utilized only Method Technologies for network management and support, sales and support, phone system, and VOIP.

    One of the most current projects was designing a website for FHF which has encompassed providing information on our services plus the added benefit of allowing clients to provide the needed information in order to receive our services and allowing clients to RSVP to scheduled activities. We are receiving rave reviews about the website from other fair housing, non-profit organizations throughout the nation. They were even able to incorporate art from a leading civil rights artist into each page of the website.

    Lastly, the most impressive service Method Technologies offers is customer service. I have never been so confident as I am in the knowledge that no matter what time of what day it is, my call or email will be responded to within moments.

    As long as Method Technologies exists, the Fair Housing Foundation will be one of their clients."

    "Aaron and his team have handled our IT needs for over 10 years. The quality of service they have provided for us has been phenomenal. We have 4 locations in California and they always made sure that we have the capability to connect with all of our locations and that our network runs exceptionally. Method Technologies also handled our relocation to our new headquarters in Cypress. Led by Aaron, it was a seamless transition with business back up and running without missing one business day! As an insurance brokerage, we have the opportunity to use advanced technological practices such as going "paperless" and communicating via VoIP. With the guidance and assistance of Method Technologies managing our phone, web, and IT services this opportunity became a reality."

    "I run a very busy non-profit organization from 2 locations, providing services to over 1,200 individuals monthly. Since 2005, Method Technologies has proven to be one of the best business decisions I have made. They completely revamped our network, taking it from unreliable and confusing to predictable and efficient. They continue to provide complete solutions for all our equipment, software, phones system, and data application. Method monitors our servers, equipment, junk email, licensing, warranties, etc. and as a result resolves problems before I even know they exist and simply informs me of our needs. It has been our pleasure to work with the staff at Method, they understand what we need and deliver exactly that, without exception. On a regular basis I continue to be amazed at the efficiency and timeliness of their support and service. It took me 15 years to finally find a company like Method Technologies, I will partner with them as long as they will have us."

    "For three years Sullivan Property Management has been, and continues to be, a satisfied customer of Method Technologies. Method Technologies designed and implemented our company's webpage. We have received many compliments on our webpage from both clients and prospective customers who tell us it is easy to use and navigate. The site gives a prospective tenant the information they need to decided if a property is right for them and also allows them to schedule a visit to the property. For prospective clients the site concisely displays our company as professional, competent and a results oriented property management firm.

    In addition to creating our company webpage, Method Technologies also installed and maintains our computer network system. They provide us with professional IT services that I am confident with. From the selection of hardware and its installation to software and training, Method Technologies has provided us with outstanding service.

    Aaron Tuomala and his team of computer professionals have done a great job for us. Whenever a computer question arises in our office, Aaron or his staff have responded immediately to answer our concern."

    "Method Technologies handled our entire network migration, including office wiring, telephone systems, and network servers and workstations. They communicated with all vendors involved and delivered a complete solution that allows us to work faster and more efficiently. They understood our immediate goals and delivered a proposal that allowed us to stay within our budget while still maintaining upgrade paths for the foreseeable future. Without a doubt, we will continue to partner with Method Technologies for all of our computer and network needs."

    "Partnering with Method Technologies has proven to be a very productive decision for our company. We like the professionalism and reliability of your staff, most importantly to us is the fast response and assistance that your company provides us in case of emergency...In this era, technology facilitates business and operations, but technology alone without proper support is just a headache. We appreciate Method Technologies for saving us the headaches and allowing us to concentrate in other areas of our business."

    "I have been very impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness and quality of work done by Method Technologies. Because of the nature of our business, we sometimes have unique and challenging needs. Method Technologies has consistently risen to the challenge each time and gone above and beyond."

    "I highly recommend Method Technologies, Inc. (MT). Our company has built a solid, long term business relationship with MT and trust them with every aspect of our IT management and infrastructure.

    Approximately seven years ago, MT evaluated our struggling network and software systems which were impeding growth. MT formulated and executed an entire network reconfiguration, upgraded hardware and software applications where necessary, and put us on a scalable path for growth. Since then, our business has more than doubled in size, both in revenue and employees, and our IT network has kept pace every step along the way with, literally, no unscheduled downtime. I attribute much of our uptime success to the quarterly maintenance program MT implemented from the start. Over the years, MT has further directed us as we've added servers, client workstations, redesigned our website, networked remote locations, and many other projects.

    However, most importantly, MT is a group of service professionals who I trust and rely on. Aaron, Phil, and Mike, to name a few, are quality individuals who understand the needs of our business and when necessary, have gone above and beyond to take care of us."

    "From the onset of our relationship, Method Technologies has provided us with the highest level of satisfaction, knowhow and response...I don't know what we'd do without them."

    "As an association, we need to communicate with our members efficiently and seamlessly. Method Technologies has improved our entire network, built new websites for our organization and its Guilds, and has provided overall technical support in so many ways. We are grateful to have such capable and talented designers to work with, as well as great technical support. They are always professional with great communication skills, and posses a "can-do" attitude where no just isn't an option. We are very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend Method Technologies."

    "The Team at Method Technologies redefines extraordinary quality customer care. Aaron's team is not only knowledgeable and technically skilled, but their genuine caring and collaborative problem solving leaves no need unserved. For those of us who rely on remote access data needs and prompt responses to serve our own customers, I couldn't imagine doing it without the support of my Method Technology partners. I would unequivocally recommend Aaron's team (Philip and Gerald to name a few) to those who want the confidence and quality IT support to support their organization's needs. They are simply the best I've had the privilege to work with."

    "Method Technologies has been handling all of our IT needs for the last four years. We have been extremely happy with his team and their service. When our current phone lease ended, I was happy to learn that Method Technologies could also help us with getting a new phone system and lease. I met with Aaron and he gave me several options to consider and once we decided on what we wanted he coordinated the installation. I have to say Mike and Lucas from Method made it a seamless and painless transition. Our phones were down for a minimal time and we are really happy with the new system. Aaron even helped me with setting up our new On-Hold message and music and it has given us a much more professional image.

    Having one company handle our website, phone system and IT needs makes our job so much easier!"

    "Method Technologies does it again!!!! What a month for MT with our company. In the last few weeks MT has managed the following for our company:

    All our employee's workstations were updated without a hitch.

    We changed internet providers based on recommendations from Aaron and the cutover was seamless, the internet literally went down and came back up within seconds.

    We have a need for a high volume call center to be immediately accessible to us upon certain events Aaron sourced and vetted 3 different resources for us. The Senior Management of the company met with his recommendation and where so impressed by the company and their services that we are reviewing a service agreement.

    In the next 2 weeks MT will configure and coordinate the cutover to a new phone system and carrier.

    I hired MT last August to take over our companies full IT needs. They have handled all the issues related to bringing up a satellite location taking very little of my time and my employee base is happy with the support they get from the technical team at MT.

    Thanks for all your help."

    "Method Technologies currently hosts our IT and phone services. Our company was seeking a cost-effective, yet highly functional and reliable IT/phone solution that would enable our team to focus on growing the business efficiently and without the background noise that can sometimes result from an infrastructure that cannot keep up with the demands of a high-paced business.

    From our very first meeting, the Method team proved to be knowledgeable, highly sensitive to our needs and extremely responsive, whether it had to do with technical recommendations, equipment or application options, or back office accounting/administrative issues. They were able to develop a solution that is in line with our associates’ needs at an extremely competitive price and partner with us effectively to implement the solution in a relatively short timeframe and without any major setbacks.

    We are extremely pleased with the Method team’s level of professionalism and constant attention to detail. I would recommend Method Technologies to any company that is looking to outsource their IT/phone services."

    "The phone system is crucial to our bottom line, and inefficiencies and downtime will certainly cost us customers. We had the same system for more than 10 years and knew we needed to overhaul the system, but we wrestled with the fear of the impact from worst-case scenarios regarding quality, downtime, and both soft and hard costs. Method Technologies reduced this daunting task to a series of manageable milestones from mapping our needs to breaking down our different options to installation to training.

    Method Technologies not only provided the best solution within our budget, but also dealt with the phone vendors and internet provider. The result was a well-structured plan resulting in a seamless transition with miniscule downtime. Method Technologies solved our phone system problem while also alleviating the worry and consternation that usually accompanies a critical system change. This type of service and performance is why we value Method Technologies as a partner vendor."

    "Method Tech has been instrumental in the growth of our firm and in solving a variety of operational issues through IT expertise. We run a paperless office with 4 locations and approximately 12 servers and 60 staff. For three years, we struggled with a variety of solutions from an in-house IT team of three, a combination of in-house IT professionals along with outside consultants and a pure consultant model. No combination could match the knowledge, expertise and responsiveness of Method Tech. Method Tech was able to transition our entire infrastructure to dedicated fiber networks, reliable back-up solutions as well as develop a plan to allow the firm to grow over the next five years. Method Tech not only has the high-level expertise for planning an entire network infrastructure, but they have the ability to be incredibly responsive to our individual user daily issues with a highly responsive service desk system. All of these issues are mission critical to our firm because we can’t afford downtime with a busy litigation practice. Our clients depend on us and we depend on Method Tech. I can categorically say that if you hire Method Tech, you will get the highest level of professionalism from the head of the company Aaron to every service tech they employ."

    "Aaron, thank you and the MT Team for getting the Dataworkers app to work for us. The main goal was to provide a properly working app to the properties, since what they were working with was mostly a source of frustration and very time consuming for both the users and for me. To sum up the feedback I am getting from the properties – "dramatic difference". The corporate users also appreciate Philip getting the Sharpdesk set up for all users as this had been an ongoing need. Throughout this project, MT not only met, but exceeded expectations.

    Your professionalism, knowledge, communication, and hard work has made the "Arbor Server Revamp" a success. I look forward to working with you for Arbor's future technology needs."

    "We had invested in powerful equipment and software but the way our network was set up was far from ideal. Our network was cumbersome to manage and caused more complications for our users than was necessary. Method Technologies knew what was needed right away and over the course of one weekend re-invented our network structure and the way in which all of our people connected. They have the right people for all of our needs. Bringing on Method Technologies is one of the best decisions that I have made in some time."

    "Method Technologies has provided us networking support for WAN failover and is helping move several of our servers to an out-of-state co-lo facility. On a regular basis Method Technologies assists us with software upgrades, analysis and suggestions, consultations with vendors on our behalf, improving the current functioning of our network, moving Web sites around, buying new hardware, keeping service contracts up-to-date, updating software licenses, configuring our mail server, trouble-shooting problems and many more tasks related to our IT assets. We are very pleased with their service and would recommend Method Technologies to anyone who desires a proactive partner capable of assisting in maintaining the company backbone. Their skills include not only knowledge of a modern company's data needs, but also enough odd implementations that they are familiar with many nonstandard combinations of hardware and software."

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