Aaron began his career in Information Technology in 1999. Since then he has worked as a consultant for local businesses, an in-house IT Manager for a successful insurance company (Bowermaster and Associates), and continued to sharpen his skills advising small to medium-sized businesses on technological advances and solutions. In 2004, Aaron founded his first IT firm (TroubleTech Solutions) where he met his long-time friend and business partner Mike Knight. In 2007, Aaron parlayed their success of streamlining and advising small to medium business networks into his second IT firm, Method Technologies.

Method Technologies has grown from the initial group of three (Philip Morgan was Method's first employee!) to more than 25 employees today. In 2014, Method relocated from Huntington Beach to an expanded headquarters in Cypress. Today, Method Technologies is proud to serve clients across Southern California and Nevada.

Aaron’s personal interests include spending time with his family, coaching softball and soccer for his kids' teams, playing ice hockey, and going fishing!

When Mike was 12 years old, he became curious about technology and proceeded to take apart the family computer to figure out how it worked. Luckily, he managed to put it back together successfully and his quest to conquer technology began! Mike's love of all things technology has led him down his chosen career path in the IT industry and he is often hailed as the "go-to-guru" by his coworkers based on his specialized and highly advanced skillset. In 2008, Mike formalized his tech geek status by earning his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Long Beach. In Mike's spare time, he is either making and enjoying beer, camping, playing computer games, or catching up on some well-deserved sleep.

Eila appears to be the quiet and shy one...until you get to know her and her awesome sense of humor! Eila graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Political Science, however her love of all things nerdy has made the transition to the IT profession easy. When not chained to her desk at Method, you can find Eila spending time with her friends and family, reading, watching bad action movies, and looking up pictures of cats on the internet…and she never says no to chocolate!

Although his name sounds like he would be, Brandon is not from the mystical world of Skyrim (although that would be really cool). Instead of forging swords and shields, Brandon has taken a liking to the ever advancing technology of today's world. His love for technology all started by building computers with his father in their garage at home and, yada yada yada, now he works in IT. Brandon is a graduate of the University for Arizona and a diehard Wildcats basketball fan. If they lose you will most likely hear him yelling "Serenity now!" In his down time you can catch him hanging out with his buddy, Bob Sacomano, reading coffee table books about coffee tables, or eating pretzels (even though they make him thirsty). Also, his favorite show is Seinfeld.

At 10 years old, Phil decided to build his first computer as a bonding experience with his dad (and so he could play one of his first computer games "Mario teaches typing"). The success of his first computer led to Phil's continued fascination with custom computers and technology. Phil discovered a passion for the specialized niche of water cooled computers which he spends a lot of time and money on! His passion for technology and customizing computers is essential as he is an avid gamer and can play for hours during his spare time.

Phil's patience and dedication honed in his own personal life while customizing computers and gaming with others has led him to become a very successful manager and supervisor of other techs. His ability to look at situations from all angles and persevere towards a successful resolution makes him a favorite among his peers and our clients (whose rousing requests of "Phil Please!" can always be heard around the office).

Brian's love for technology began at the age of 6 when a family friend gave him and his brother a Super Nintendo. Ever since then he has had a love for gaming and technology, always acquiring the newest game system and games (he is a big Xbox fan). The technical knowledge that he has was passed down to him from his father, Bob (or Papa Hopp), and you can rest assured that he knows what Ctrl+S does. As much as he considers himself a "nerd," he is also an athlete, playing baseball for 15 years and pitching at the collegiate level for Riverside Community College and Vanguard University. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with his girlfriend, Catherine, working out, and has recently started to pick up the game of golf.

Melissa knows squat when it comes to IT, but that doesn't stop her from giving it her all. Every day, she looks forward to learning something new about computers and technology. Melissa is currently attending CSU Long Beach, majoring in human development with only one year left to go! Even though Melissa lives right next to the beach, you won't catch her in the water because of her fear of sharks. However, she does enjoy going on bike rides down the trails. During her free time, Melissa loves to cook and swap recipes with her friends.

Megan's first computer experience was when she was introduced to the game "The Oregon Trail" in the fourth grade. Since then, Megan has pursued her own exciting trail before reaching her destination at Method. She earned a degree in biology from CSU Long Beach, worked in graphic design, and even got to work as a LEGO engineer! When she's not working hard at Method, Megan likes to play hard by participating in softball and rugby.

Tracie, who learned accounting and taxes at her first job managing a local deli/sandwich shop, has been working in the industry for years. She even remembers a time before computers – when she would manually complete accounting tasks by hand. Thankfully, that is no longer the case these days. She appreciates how the IT field is always changing, and finds it fascinating that no matter how interesting, fast or efficient any given type of technology is, there is always something bigger and better right around the corner. Outside the office, Tracie loves music and going to live shows, as well as watching shows like "Modern Family" with her daughter.

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When we think of Las Vegas we think of showgirls, casinos...and Gerald. Gerald was born in Las Vegas, but was raised in Fresno, CA. Gerald started playing with computers at the young age of 10, tinkering with old spare computers to figure out how they worked, and his love of technology was born. He subsequently moved back to Vegas after his high school graduation which was a great move for him as he then met his wife Sara. Gerald and Sara have enjoyed married life for two years with their pug Vladmir. Luckily for Method, they decided to move to California in 2010 where shortly thereafter Gerald joined our team. Gerald enjoys cooking, going to the movies, and hanging with Vladmir at Huntington Dog Beach. A little known fact about Gerald is that he is half of a pair of twins (fraternal twin brother's name is Thomas)!

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Profile coming soon!

Luis has always had a love for technology, which first began when his mom gave him a Nintendo Entertainment System as a child. His start in the IT world came when he was a teenager though, hanging out after school at his uncle’s computer business. A staffer showed Luis how to put a computer together for the first time; that day, Luis found his passion and he’s never looked back. He took classes at Orange Coast College but largely taught himself through trial and error, accomplishing a CompTIA A+ certification in the process. In addition to being the family tech guy and a DJ, Luis enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids (including a newborn)!

Christian remembers being fascinated the first time he encountered a computer in elementary school. Fast forward several years: After graduating from UC Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, Christian decided to pursue his interest in technology and earned an certificate in computer networking from Long Beach City College. He has worked in data centers for the past five years, building servers, setting up networking equipment and helping clients troubleshoot their dedicated servers. He unwinds from a long day by playing video games, working out and watching movies. Currently, he is looking into improving his skills further and building a gaming PC.

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At the young age of three, Nadia was shown the mystical world of computers by her father. She was exposed to programs such as "Mario Teaches Typing" and "Kid Pix", which ignited her love for video games. Nadia initially pursued a career in fine arts, but decided to take the computer software route. From there, she consulted clients on software programs, managed CRM and ERP systems, built crystal reports and coded websites. After a long day of grinding, Nadia enjoys battling dragons online, painting and going to metal shows.

Alex has five years of experience as a web designer. He first started out in high school making flyers for the band he was in which then lead him to take more design classes. Alex has had his hand in various web projects over the years and has grown his craft. He enjoys how the field of web design never ceases to stop growing. Alex continues to learn and provide better service for our clients. Outside of the office, Alex enjoys hockey and follows the L.A. Kings. He also enjoys making music, playing video games, and taking care of his adorable Samoyed named Ruby.

Steven has been interested in computers and how they work ever since he was a child. That fascination resulted in taking apart his family computer. From there on out, Steven was known as the family IT guy. Steven attended Cal Poly, Pomona, where he worked with the on-campus IT staff providing hardware and software support to the school. He graduated in spring 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. Along with his admiration for technology, Steven’s other interests are ice hockey, hunting, hiking and off-roading.

Michael is currently working on his bachelor's degree in computer information systems with a specialty in project management at DeVry University. He has been interested in computers since an early age, and even remembers getting yelled at for taking apart his mom's computer at 6 years old. These days, Michael is working toward eventually becoming a project manager in IT solutions. A military veteran and family man, Michael served for five years as a Navy Corpsman. He enjoys taking his daughter to Disneyland, playing video games, building models and tooling leather (he can even make you leather armor, if you ask).

Tristan has always had a passion for technology and gadgets. As a kid he would take things apart to figure out how they work and was usually able to put them back in working order. At the age of 5 he received his first computer, a Tandy 1000. He spent many hours upgrading components and eventually built himself a new computer from scratch when he was just 7. His first Job in the IT field was managing the systems at a small insurance company. After 9 years there he moved over to Method and brought his previous employer along as a client. When he is not working, Tristan enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs as well as working on random projects. His current project is cramming a full gaming PC into an original Nintendo.

Joseph found his calling when the motherboard on his family computer fried from too much PC gaming. Pursuing a career in computers, Joseph graduated from University of La Verne with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. His initial course of action was to become an engineer, but his passion was lured to another field: programming. It was love at first sight. Since 2011, Joseph has been a computer programmer and is knowledgeable in more than three programming languages. As if he could not get enough of computers, Joseph’s hobbies are surfing Reddit, making cool hip memes, and collecting as many Steam sale games as he can.