With Method Technologies as your Phone Systems Company, we can provide you with the most current telephone system answers available. With the ability to integrate your entire phone system into your current network infrastructure, phone system changes are now quick and easy to do. This allows you to focus your valuable time towards your business, reducing management costs and building more efficient communication with your employees, vendors, and customers. Let Method Technologies become your expert team and show you why we are a leading Phone Systems .

  • Lower Monthly Costs
  • Streamlined Management
  • Voicemail to E-mail Integration
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Find Me, Follow Me

 Phone Systems

A hosted PBX can help free your company from a traditional phone system. Instead of investing in expensive, on-site office phone system equipment, hosted PBX systems are cloud-based and the telephone system is maintained off-site. Our hosted PBX partners handle call routing over the internet and allow staff to work from anywhere, using the device of their choice. In case of a power outage or disaster, our phone services will keep your team up and running so that you and your business don't skip a beat. Hosted PBX systems are easy to use and offer flexibility, especially when migrating your team and technology to a new office.

Method's hosted PBX partners will help your company cut costs and improve efficiency. Employees can keep existing phone numbers and extension-dial across the entire phone system, regardless of location throughout the world.

Our partners offer both purely cloud-based PBX as well as blended solutions that include on-site PBX and hosted VoIP. Hosted PBX/VoIP systems mean lower startup costs and monthly savings for your company, since there is no need to purchase on-site PBX equipment. Features include clean, crisp call quality; calling from mobile phones and computers; point-and-click access to voicemails and recorded calls; and much more. Additionally, our blended systems mean you'll still have on-site phone equipment to make intra-office calls in the event of an internet outage.

 Phone Systems

As a leading Phone Systems Company, we utilize the latest in VoIP technology with leading vendors in the industry such as, Jive, Star2Star, and Adtran. You will no longer have to call a telephone company out every time you want to move a phone extension or add a new employee to the company directory; we can provide these services remotely which saves time and money. Method Technologies is your Phone Systems Company.

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