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Posted on 02/07/21

How to Find the Right IT for Your CPA Firm

For any CPA firm technology is important to improve business processes, increase workload efficiency, and safely store and manage client data. Reliable IT support is important to keep systems up and running dependably. Technology has played a major part in the growth of many CPA firms, and using the right tools and software can certainly help your company this year. Here are some things to know to make sure you find the right IT for your business.

Tech Needs for CPAs

One of the major needs for CPA firms is cybersecurity to manage and protect valuable client data. Smaller companies or ones that have grown quickly often lack sufficient data protection. With more businesses facing breaches on their personal systems, it is important that firms do everything they can to securely protect clients’ confidential and private data.

Within the accounting field, competition is fierce, and so it is essential for a CPA firm to increase productivity levels and streamline their processes. The right technology can help you to maximize productivity and eliminate downtime that can compromise deadlines. Two of the key benefits to digital transformation are improvements in efficient operations and being able to better meet customer expectations.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it can be overwhelming to know which of the newest products on the market are worth the investment. As a result, CPA firms can benefit from having expert IT consultation to guide them through their options.

When adopting new technology it can also require a large investment in time or resources to learn how to use it all correctly. Many firms lack the in-house technical staff needed to train on or troubleshoot company technology; having an experienced IT support firm a phone call away is your best bet in getting the help you need every time!

How Tech Meets Those Needs

Many CPA firms turn to a managed service provider to utilize technology and leverage it in their favor. There is clearly a need for security and the ability to handle the advancements in technology.

Regular data backups are a great way in which a business can keep data secure. Backups are a critical part of a plan against an unforeseen data breach or loss.

Technology can also meet the needs of data storage, which might be limited for those in smaller companies. Whether it is transferring data to the cloud or making use of the latest in flash mass storage devices, it can allow CPAs to take on more clients or increase their historical data for existing clients as a result.

Qualities to Look for in CPA IT Support

There are a few key qualities that your IT provider should have:


When it comes to picking the right IT support for your CPA firm, it is good to choose one that has many years of relevant experience particularly for your industry.


It is essential to find a managed IT provider that will respond quickly. You can only meet tax consulting deadlines when you have access to reliable services that will fix any technology concerns on demand. Find a MSP that’s going to be available when you need them and can provide monitoring security services 24/7.


Another MSP consideration is that they need to understand and be able to adapt as your CPA firm grows and develops. With changes like switching to remote work, and ensuring your data is accessible remotely and safely, the right IT company can know the best ways to help you make changes quickly and efficiently.


Make sure to find a provider with whom you can create a good relationship. If you have positive and clear communication with them about your IT needs and the services they offer, this creates a partnership with a tech company thereafter that is built on clear expectations and a foundation of trust.

Finding the right IT for your CPA firm is important both for the safety of your clients’ data and the effectiveness of your firm within the industry. If you have found you have outgrown your current IT service or they are no longer meeting your current needs, do not be afraid to switch to find something that better meets your needs. Be sure to do research on prospective MSPs to make sure you find the right option for you.

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