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Posted on 11/08/20

Microsoft Teams

It has become more important than ever for your company to explore different remote working options. Having a remote workforce has made efficient communication a priority. We recommend utilizing Microsoft Teams! The advantages of Microsoft Teams make it a great choice to keep your remote, in-office, or mixed team on top of projects or their everyday tasks. The options it offers for customization and communication allow for an experience that fits your company needs. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating if Microsoft Teams is right for your business!

1. Get Your Whole Team Onboard

Having a consistent platform used by all members of your organization is essential so that everyone is kept updated regularly and no one feels left out! Microsoft Teams allows for a full integration across departments to keep all team members up to date and communicating easily. Using it as a quick chat method, for company messages, and to post questions or provide quick answers, makes this platform an easy way to keep your team members engaged at all times.

Microsoft Teams is a great tool, but you have to make sure that your whole team participates in order to really reap the benefits it has to offer. If you want to make the most out of Teams, then it’s essential to make sure that each employee knows how to use Teams and encourage everyone to use it regularly and as the primary method of internal communication.

2. Customize the Channels

Microsoft Teams offers a lot of options for customizability that make coordination simple. Chats and channels can easily be named for searchability when looking for information later. The most useful ones can even be pinned to reference easily. Customizing channels by Department Names (i.e. Marketing, Customer Service, Property/Building Name) makes searching for and posting within each category much easier.

Taking advantage of channel customization options allows you to get the most out of the channels. It helps to organize any notes or messages within the application and reduce navigation problems for users.

3. Connect Your Team with Outlook

Microsoft Teams integrates well with Microsoft Outlook. This is particularly useful for those who work remotely. The calendar and emailing applications allow for easy scheduling. Emails can be forwarded right through chat, which is a huge bonus for cross-communication.

Outlook allows you to send out invitations and schedule events through the calendar, so everyone is automatically in the know regarding meetings and company events. You can shorten the standard duration for your meetings and you can also enable all of your meetings online by default.

4. Use All Communication Avenues

Did you know that there are numerous ways for you to communicate through Teams? You have emails and channel posts for messages, you can host calls or video conference meetings, or you can use chat with coworkers.

The chat message is exclusive to anyone who is in the chat. Messages can contain GIFs, text, images, or anything else you might want to send, like recorded voice messages or video clips. Some communication options are more suited to different tasks, but you can always host a video or phone call if something needs to be talked about in greater clarity.

5. Use Teams Chats for Software and Communication

You may have software that your team uses, but that doesn’t have an integrated chat function or communication ability. With the addition of Microsoft Teams, you can easily adopt file sharing. You can co-author files in real-time and use this in conjunction with the third-party app feature.

You can also streamline your tasks and any critical processes by integrating both apps and workflows. Screen sharing enables you to keep everyone on the same page for more efficiency. You can share any collaborative documents in team chat, providing you with a very secure way to share files without having to worry about resorting to less secure methods.

Get the Benefits of Microsoft Teams Today

A qualified IT service provider like Method Technologies can help your company set up Microsoft Teams for your office. Call us today so we can help you make the switch!

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