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Posted on 11/09/20

Multi Factor Authentication

In today’s world of cybercrime and easy access into unsecured networks, businesses need to be aware of potential threats and start implementing preventative measures wherever they can. Whether you are a young startup business with only a few employees, or a global organization, it is essential to make sure you have the network security you need to thwart cyberattacks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a useful tool for this purpose. It is used to provide an extra layer of security to all password protected systems. It takes just one person with a compromised password to allow easy access for cybercriminals into the company’s network. Once hackers have access to the entire company database, they can wreak havoc and damages can be hard to recuperate or manage after the fact.

Here are some key components about multi-factor authentication:

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA verifies login attempts by requiring an employee to use two or more methods to gain account entry. The first method is the system’s password. Once that is entered, the user will be prompted to refer to an additional method to confirm their credentials. Additional methods use a secondary device, including verification through a text message, a phone app, a key fob, or biometric scan. This extra step ensures that the login really is coming from the person whose credentials they use.

Security breaches can be devastating. They can result in a ruined or compromised company reputation which can drive away customers (or erode their trust) for years. These attacks can cause huge losses in valuable time and productivity spent trying to recover systems and lost data.

How Do Hackers Get Passwords?

Cybercriminals are extremely practiced at password cracking. They use a number of methods to obtain passwords, including phishing emails, targeted attacks, and network security hacking. They can expose thousands of passwords in a security breach. Hackers often attempt to plug in those credentials on other sites to see if they can use it to login elsewhere.

Hackers generally only need one password to get into an account. This is a problem if employees use the same password on multiple sites, or have a weak password that a bot is able to crack. With poor password safety, employees leave an open door for cybercriminals to come in.

How Does MFA Stop Cyberattacks?

Basic principles of creating strong passwords are a good start. But even with a strong, unique password, no account is free from hacking attempts. MFA provides a second security layer that blocks any attempts to enter the account even with a hacked password. An outsider won’t be able to log in without them being verified via the secondary device.

In addition, users will often get a push to their secondary device prompting them to authenticate if they are attempting to log in. If an employee gets a notification that there was a login attempt that wasn’t them, they will know that there was an unsuccessful attempt. The employee can then reset their password and take additional steps to protect the account.

Don’t Wait to Improve Your Security

The need for improved cybersecurity measures is more pressing than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a significant surge in cybercrime activity as reported by local and national agencies. With a threat of more frequent and widespread attacks, it is essential to take preventative measures now.

An increase in remote work has also had an impact on the cybersecurity protections most companies use. Employees now working from home are likely to have fewer online and network protections than they did in the office. Many might be using less secure devices, including personal devices that are also used for work. Often, these personal devices do not have updated security like their in-office computers.

Secure Your Business With MFA

Setting up MFA protection for your business is an important step to thwart cyberattacks. A security breach through a compromised password can have serious consequences. Do not let your company become one of the millions each year that face significant losses of time, money, productivity, and company reputation.

A managed service provider can set up the IT network security that your company needs to prevent cyberattacks. Get in touch with Method Technologies today to learn more about MFA and how we can help your business seamlessly integrate it for the security you need for your business.

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