Method Technologies now offers a broad range of cyber security solutions, including HIPAA compliance, through our partnership with an expert certified compliance and cyber security firm.

Regulations & Compliance
Regardless of the regulatory standards your industry is subject to, we can help you get compliant and develop policies and training to maintain compliance, including:

  • Get you compliant with PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, FERPA and more
  • Keep you compliant with ongoing scans & reviews
  • Be your personal compliance officer or audit your existing compliance team

A technical assessment utilizes security tools and methods to analyze the technological safeguards that keep your systems and data secure.

Assessments we provide:

  • Vulnerability Scans to identify exploitable weaknesses in your systems
  • Best Practices Audit to ensure your security practices and configurations are keeping you safe.
  • Penetration Testing to bring real-world testing to your potential vulnerabilities
  • Compliance Summary: An independent review of your current HIPAA compliance status by a top cyber security and compliance firm. Method Technologies partners with a firm with certified HIPAA experts and information systems security professionals, and will review the results with your team.

Every business needs defined policies and procedures that clearly detail the rules, regulations, guidelines, and expected behaviors for company employees. Our expert compliance and security partners can:

  • Review your current policy to check for any potential security or compliance concerns
  • Develop and draft policies that work for your business, not the other way around

You can have the best policies in the world, but they won't do you any good unless they're passed on to your employees in an effective and meaningful manner. Services include:

  • Security Awareness Training to educate on the importance of secure practices
  • Policy Training to effectively integrate your policies into your daily operations

To ensure that the critical business functions will remain intact in the event of some emergency or interruption to normal business, fundamental standards, policies, guidelines, and procedures must be in place BEFORE an emergency. Services include:

  • Business Continuity Plan Development to measure your needs and prepare for downtime
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development to get you back on your feet in the case of an emergency