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Method Technologies strives to give our clients excellent 24/7 service and support. We are always a phone call away.

Our services range from help desk support to voice and data cabling support. There are also many more services that include, backups, security, hosting and more. Not only do we have many services, but we also have trained technicians that are available 24/7 for IT support. Method Technologies has skilled technicians that are ready to assist our clients with their IT needs.

For those clients who are completely dialed in with us, we provide them with everything we offer and manage all of their technology needs. One of the services provided is voice and data cabling.

What Is Voice and Data Cabling?

Cabling is essential to any business whether you are big or small. Many companies have phone lines, computers, printers, multimedia systems and more that run multiple cables throughout the office space. We can all understand how chaotic this can easily get.

Method Technologies’ technicians can assist clients with voice and data cabling throughout their office. These technicians are trained to be efficient and effective with the placement and assortment of cables.

What Are the Benefits of Voice and Data Cabling?

The organization of cables in an office space is incredibly important. There are many cases where our clients have been left with a maze of cabling by a previous IT provider. This makes everything less efficient and it can slow a workspace down dramatically.

Our trained technicians can also assist clients by recommending better ways to transfer data and have faster run time. It is important to have an MSP that can be honest with you and help improve the workspace by implementing efficient cabling strategies.

Why Use Cabling Instead of Wireless Networking?

Although wireless networking may be more convenient, it is not always as efficient as cabling. Cabling can prevent many problems with connectivity and security that wireless networking can many times fall short of.

Network cabling provides a more reliable internet connection than wireless connection. For personal use at home, it is not usually as big of a deal to have the occasional, short-lived service outages. Any outage can have serious business consequences to a workplace. When the technology is not working, your employees are also not working.

When using physical cabling connections, your machine will usually have a better and more consistent internet speed. It will also be more reliable through possible outages. These are just two examples of the efficiency that you will see in an office while using physical cabling.

Physical wiring also provides more security than wireless connections because it is less susceptible to interference. It is possible to intercept a Wi-Fi connection from afar, but you need to be in the same physical location as a cable to get access to it in the same way.

What are Ethernet and Fiber Optic Cables?

Many computers have the capability to use direct ethernet connection. An ethernet cable can be used for network connectivity purposes. These cables will connect directly to your router, switch, phone line and allow for a better connection.

Workplaces often prefer cables to wireless networks because of the security and speed benefits. Ethernet cables allow data and information transfer through cables, and even VOIP phones.

There are several cable categories. Cat6 is the best option for most companies. It is designed to decrease the crosstalk and electronic interference that would otherwise affect copper wiring. This is the best option if your business plans to transmit large amounts of information on a regular basis.

Fiber optic cables have a glass core, but the outer protective layers make them quite durable. These cables transmit data using binary code communicated by light. Unlike Ethernet cables, they do not rely on electronic impulses, and that makes them safer than other options.

One of the drawbacks of this cabling option is that it requires an adapter to plug into computers, and those adapters combined with the higher price of fiber optic cables can be cost-prohibitive.

However, fiber optic cables are more durable than Ethernet cables and break less frequently, requiring less maintenance. This remains the highest quality option for any business that transmits a lot of data or requires long-range transmission of information.

Professional Cable Installation

When using Method Technologies, we have trained technicians that go to our clients’ locations and install the cabling properly. We will plan out the proper and most effective cabling implementation for each client.

Our technicians will map everything out so that our clients do not have to. Since we installed our client’s cabling, we also know it very well and track the wiring configuration if we ever need it in the future. Professional installation will help you avoid issues later on and give your cables a longer life.

Get Expert Cable Installation

We can help you find practical solutions for your business's technological needs. Whether you want to update your voice and data cabling, try out cloud storage, or simply have someone provide answers when the computers and phones act up, you can contact us anytime.

To learn about cabling and more services we provide, contact us at Method Technologies today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is structured cabling?

A. Structured cabling refers to the voice and data cables that run throughout your building. They are usually fiber optic or copper and are used for communications between your systems.

Q. What data cabling standard should I opt for?

A. Most businesses utilize Category 6 (CAT6) cabling for workstations and phones, and Fiber Optic cabling for longer distance runs.

Q. Why use structured cabling?

A. A properly deployed structured cabling system allows your technology to operate at peak performance while retaining mobility and compliance with local standards. Physical cabling provides higher throughput and less errors than wireless communication.

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