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From digital lobby signage to complete conference room design and remote communications, we provide the California Multimedia Solutions and expertise your business demands.

Method Technologies provides seamless communication within your main office and with remote offices. Having a conference room that is fully equipped with the proper audio and video equipment is essential. Our sleek, modern approach to designing a business conference room will ensure maximum levels of utility and comfort. Equip your rooms with the latest Video Conferencing and the appropriate audio sources to guarantee everyone can easily see and hear each other's collaborative efforts.

Does your company have multiple locations around the U.S., or even across the globe? Video Conferencing is an excellent tool allowing people in remote locations to work with each other over high-definition systems. Method will take care of on-site installation and test all your systems at each office to ensure everything meets your team's needs.

Check out our Voice & Data Cabling Services and Surveillance Solutions as well.

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