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Email is the most frequently used form of communication in business. Keep your company's communications moving with one of our many Orange County Google Apps Consulting. Whether you are considering dropping your aging on-premise email server or you have outgrown your old-school email hosting service, Method Technologies can find and implement the right solution for you and your company.

From Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite by Google to email filtering and archiving services, we have the expertise to ensure that email communication for your company is as streamlined and flawless as it should be. Depending on what kind of company you are, choosing between Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite by Google Cloud can be a decision with a major impact on your business. Unsure of which one you need? Drop us a line below and we can sort that out for you.

Our integrated Email Security services will protect your network from malware, viruses, and spam. The integrity and safety of your information is paramount. Because of the sheer volume of data that exists in a company's network from email activity, intelligent storage and security solutions must continually manage this information. Method also offers Email Archiving, which ensures compliance and provides peace of mind.

Check out our Managed IT Services services as well.

  • Complete Email Migrations
  • Spam and Email Archiving
  • Encryption and Compliance Solutions
  • On-Premise and Hosted Email Solutions
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