The Typical Problem

New legislation and the growing importance of data in the information age require that company directors and managers take actions to protect their data. Southern California Offsite Backups will ensure you have a potentially serious business risk under control.

The Hidden Cost of Lost Files

Lost files or documents, computer downtime and corrupted disk drives are the bane of any office. These incidents are also sources of significant, hidden costs. Even though a company thinks its backup is on tape, this is often not the case. In addition, tape restores (if they don't fail) can cost a lot of IT staff time, and a lot of downtime for the rest of the company.

Our Solution Southern California Offsite Backups

  • Risk reduction - the vulnerability of your organization having incomplete backups is virtually eliminated, giving you peace of mind.
  • Disaster contingency - the service has inherent disaster recovery capabilities thereby allowing your company to continue in spite of unforeseen natural or human created disasters. This ensures business and revenue continuity.
  • Regulatory compliance - sending your encrypted data offsite is an important step in remaining compliant with regulations. Fewer worries for you and your attorney.
  • Restoration speed - restore times for accidentally deleted files are dramatically reduced, making your end users more productive. Restores are fast, easy, and manageable. At today's business pace, you can't afford to be "down".
  • Scheduled automatic backups - ensure continuous round-the-clock protection.
  • Management efficiencies - removing the tedious task of managing the backup and restore process will more effectively exercise management time. Time that can be spent on profitable activities.
  • Ease of soon-to-be planning - the Southern California Offsite Backups service simply grows as your data volume increases, allowing you to focus on business growth instead of IT headaches. That's a convenience you need.
  • Cost efficacy - the Southern California Offsite Backups service has an ROI that beats any hardware/software offerings which claim to address the same issues. At the end of the day, what is your data worth?
  • No capital outlay - service is charged on a monthly 'usage' basis, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware/software that will require frequent updates.
  • For your IT department - Delta processing, compression and de-duplication significantly reduce network bandwidth and storage consumption; Enterprise-class fault tolerance capabilities include advanced N+1 grid computing support; Advanced encryption for data in-flight and at-rest delivers complete data security; Supports well-known O/S, servers, databases, email systems and storage environments.

Don't lost important data. Keep your files backed up and up to date. Let us help you out.

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