Virtualization and Cloud Security

In another article, we reviewed the benefits of virtualization and cloud technology versus ownership of a private on-site server room. We reviewed how Managed IT services are an invaluable choice for startups and small businesses. Now we will address a more serious question that could not only affect the revenue and profits your business receives, but the ability to continue operating all together.

Data Thieves Are on the Loose!

Data storage can be a liability if it is not stored in a secure enough location. Imagine a hacker who gains access to all client and employee personal information. Imagine the damage that can do to your company. Now we’re not trying to scare you, but we are trying to inform you of the dangers of unwise data storage of sensitive information on servers that are not secure enough. When using computer support to store sensitive data, knowing how that data is secured will make you feel more comfortable with using virtualization to cut costs.

Managed IT Has the Situation Under Control

There are different controls employed in virtualization that ensure sensitive data is not tampered with. Deterrent controls prevent any purposeful attacks on the remote physical server itself. Deterrent methods, however, are not enough alone to keep your data secure. Preventative controls should also be employed by managed IT services by managing vulnerabilities much like a wall protects a fort. Corrective controls reduce the effort of attacks that are already happening. Detective controls are also necessary to uncover attacks at any point in time.

What You Should Expect from Your Managed IT Company

You should have access to a identity management system to control access to information and computing resources. The physical machines that your computer support has in their server room needs to have restricted and documented access. Your access to your data needs to be predictable and available 24/7. Critical data stored with managed IT services such as social security numbers and credit cards must be masked to ensure that any unwelcomed guests that may entered can not interpret the data.

Private vs. Public Security

Public clouds like Google drive are handy, but provide virtually no customizable security features. Services that store data on private servers tend to cost more that public servers, but the security trade off is well worth the expense. You will want the assurance that cutting business costs now will not hurt you in the long run. Make sure that the computer support services you use give you full access to your data and offer adequate security to keep your data safe.

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